3 Ways To Reimagine Budgeting So You Can Excel With Your Finances.

You’ve heard the word time and time again as it said to be the foundational tool of managing your finances. Even though this word is popular, it is not a fan favorite amongst millennials. And yes, I am referring to the term: budget. When I hear budget, I feel a sense of restriction, limitation, and powerlessness […]

6 Money Habit (Good & Bad) Lessons from J Cole’s K.O.D.

Global Warming isn’t the only issue to blame for it being a COLE WORLD. Life will come with its ups and downs. Things will not always go the way you expect them to go. Therefore, no matter what life calls you, it’s the way you respond that matters most. When releasing the album, Cole expressed […]

This Is How You Know You’re Serious About Saving Money

Were one of your new year resolutions to save money? It’s very well easier said than done. If you really want to save this year, you have to move from resolutions to results. Here are 4 things that prove you’re serious about saving money: 1. Your wish to save turns into a plan. How many […]

How To Lessen Your Anxiety Around Paying Your Student Loans

You’ve been ignoring your student loans for a while, and the thought of making payments brings you stress. You’ve created or retweeted memes about how all student loans should be forgiven. When you see an article about the crisis and the way it is affecting millennials, you make certain to share it with a comment […]

3 Steps to Finesse Your Bank Account Instead of Your Brokeness

Is paying your bills the primary agenda for working your 9-to-5? If so, you must re-imagine the your role as an employee. Re-imagining your role as an employee allows you to see the job as a stepping stone to what’s possible rather than a resting place because of a position. Being employed to simply pay […]

Are you spending your emotional currency based on social media?

How many places have you visited virtually, going broke on emotional currency? Dubai. Ireland. Phuket. Havana. Scottsdale, AZ. Timeline destinations can go on and on. We have experienced numerous destinations due to our daily visits on social media. Often, our distant experiences don’t positively motivate us, but rather cause us to mourn over our perceived […]

The #1 Thing To Consider Before Internalizing Discouraging Millennial Headlines

What feeling or thought comes to mind when you read personal finance advice and accomplishments? “I feel ashamed.” “I am not doing enough.” “You don’t know my life?” No matter the feeling, you should always discern the advice and accomplishments you you read on a daily basis. You should take into account your personal situation just […]

3 Things To Do To Move from Critical to Creative

It is easy to come up with excuses for days as to why things are not working out in your favor, especially as it relates to making more money. You have goals to achieve and a certain life you want to live. The power lies within you to move from your comfort zone by tapping into […]

7 Reasons You Must Tackle Your Credit Card Debt

Using a credit card is extremely convenient, especially if you don’t have cash available. You’ve heard the famous motto, “Don’t have the money now? No problem!” During the weeks you do not get paid, credit cards come in handy. But the problem comes the day after your direct deposit hits, and you’ve paid every bill—except […]

5 Reasons You Need To Cut It, Cutback and Cut off!

As each new year approaches, we often rebrand ourselves with the slogan “New Year, New Me.” You have the desire to pay off debt, travel, or invest more into your retirement account (or start one). By the third week of the new year, you begin to revert to your old financial habits which have not produced […]